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Crissy Couture will come to your wedding day, despite if we've made your gown or not and Prep your Wedding dressing space. Imagine this, you have to get you and your wedding party in Hair and Make up, chaos everywhere, some people may be late, hungry so they are leaving the space their suppose to be in to get ready, You cant find some of the wedding party because they are somwhere, chaotic phone calls all day to make sure everyone is there, Girls ironing their gowns, Wedding planner asking you a million questions and what about the most import part?

You have to get dressed! Imagine if you hired someone to take care of the part for you. One less thing youll have to worry about!
We layout your whole day with care. Make sure all Gowns are steamed to perfection and that your dressing space is orgnaized taking some the Bridal pressure off and making the dressing experience as smooth as possible. Hire us for your special Day!

This service only applies to the Women of the wedding party,

Wedding Party Limit 10 People Total from the following Groups - Brides Maids, Matron of Honor, Maid of Honor, Mother of the Bride (NOT including the bride)

Additional People $30 per person - Add the Men to this package at an additional $100 fee (Up to 7 Men)

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