September 6, 2018



So Prom 2k19 is Approaching and are you ready? Who's making your Gown? or are you Purchasing it? - So more importantly the question is "Did Crissy make it?"


Each year all over the word beautiful girls are getting ready for the upcoming prom season. This is considered the most important part of the season. Normally the prom season is anywhere between April and June, depending on what state their in. This is the most exciting part of the year! Girls are getting their gowns, shoes, makeup artist, hair, nails, photographers and dates (and some are actually going to prom solo and owning it)! This is the time of the year that Snap Chats, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram are going crazy with photos!! 




Gowns are becoming more over the top every year and having them made is definitely the popular choice.  Imagine having a gown created to your specification with the help and guidance of a fashion designer, whats more exciting then that! If you are looking to have your gown made make sure Crissy of The Haus of Crissy Couture is designing and bringing it to life! 

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